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Download Dragon City Mod APK v22.3.3 Unlimited Money

First released in 2012, the Dragon City game has become the most popular game on Facebook. An exciting game with a pretty entertaining graphic presentation makes this game popular with many people. This game is still widely played.

 More than 7 years ago, this game has a modified version. Players can use various features not found in the original version of the game. What are the features of the game Dragon City Mod APK? You can find the answer in the next article.

Download Dragon City Mod APK v22.3.3 Uang Tanpa Batas
Download Dragon City Mod APK v22.3.3 Uang Tanpa Batas

Download Dragon City Mod APK v22.3.3 Unlimited Money

Dragon City game was developed by Social Points and released on May 8, 2012 to be played on Facebook. The game has become increasingly popular since its release for iOS and Android platforms in August 2013. Not only teenagers but adults too.

As the name implies, this game is about dragons. You will be asked to raise your dragon from hatching to a formidable battle dragon. Here you can also feed them and breed dragons with them.

Once at level 4, the developed dragon can participate in competitions and games. Each type of dragon has its own abilities. Your job is to maximize his skills.

To get the best collection of dragons, you will often breed one species of dragon with another. If you're lucky, there are rare dragons with extraordinary abilities that can be generated to make the best combos in combat.

You can fight other players in different cities. Whoever with the best combination of skilled dragons can win the match and get great prizes.

In addition, you can also build a farm where you can use golden eggs as a place to exchange various other interesting things. In terms of graphics, this game also has a look that will surprise gamers. You never get tired of playing it all day long.

specifically for the Dragon City Mod APK that we discuss is basically a modification of the original version. All features of the original Dragon City are retained in the modified version. Additional features make the modified version more attractive.

For more information, the differences between the original version of Dragon City and Dragon City Mod APK are explained below.