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GTA 5 : Sand Andreas Mod Cleo (Apk + Obb + Data)

 An open world action game developed by leading game developer Rockstar North. Set in the fictional country of San Andreas. The story, set in 1992, follows a gang member named Karl "CJ" Johnson. He returns from Liberty City to Los Santos after his mother dies after being shot by a gang called Barras. In this hometown, players embark on an adventure to avenge the death of their mother.

GTA 5 Sand Andreas Mod Cleo (Apk + Obb + Data)
GTA 5 Sand Andreas Mod Cleo (Apk + Obb + Data) 

Download GTA 5: Sand Andreas Mod Cleo (Apk + Obb + Data)

Gameplay is made using third person mode and open word mode. Here, players can drive, run, swim and drive a variety of vehicles, including cars, buses, boats, planes, holicopters, motorbikes, and even tanks. The auto arm, radio switch, run, camera switch and even pause button settings have been carefully tuned for your convenience on the touch screen. The graphics in this game are satisfying and can display vivid colors, excellent character models, and detailed shadow quality.

 I separate this post from GTASA in a separate post because the APK file for this game has been installed by GTA5mod and modified by Cleo to be filled with cheats. But basically this game is generally GTASA v1.08. Therefore, players can play GTA SA games as usual or install GTA5mod to improve the graphics a bit. Feel the sensation of playing GTAV games on Android. Some areas are different and may look more beautiful. But of course, make the game bigger and bigger.