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Real Steel HD Terbaru apk + obb Mod (Full Unlocked Item) v1.84.70

 Of the three games, only this one is premium. In fact, I found the gameplay more interesting. There are as many characters and controls as fighting games on consoles. Too bad this latest version is half the line. At first I thought it was completely offline, but every time I open it a second time, it prompts me to connect to the internet.

 A fighting game inspired by the Hollywood film of the same name. On the same theme, it is about future robot fighting as a boxing match. The controls in the game are very similar to the usual game-to-combat scheme used on consoles, with four action buttons on the right side of the screen and buttons on the left for moving your character. Combination movement

 on the right makes the robot that we control into a very cool combination movement. I was surprised to see him. Beyond my expectations. There are quite a number of robot characters in this game, but unfortunately most of them are still locked and can only be raided using the game's IAP feature. There are quite a number of features. Players can combine different parts of the robot to create a unique and even more powerful robot. A style that not only looks, but also moves and enters the competition.

 Actually this game is an offline game that can be played without an internet connection, even players can compete with robots via Android wifi and Bluetooth connection. Some features may require internet access to play, but you won't be able to access those features without sacrificing gameplay.