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Resident Evil 4 Offline Mod Mobile (apk + data)

 Let's just say this game is a simpler version of RE 4 with packages. Although the console version has many simplifications. But don't get me wrong. The gameplay of this game is very interesting and fun, with controls that are very easy to use on the HH touch screen. The in-game story is told on a mission-by-mission basis and is packaged according to the shortened chapters in the console version. However, it does make this game fun to play on Android with a low-end HH.

Download Resident Evil 4 Offline Mod Mobile (apk + data)
Download Resident Evil 4 Offline Mod Mobile (apk + data) 

Not to be missed is a mysterious character similar to Alan Walker, the quote is "WELCOME STRANGER`S". Yes, he is the one who sells weapons in this game, upgrades weapons and items, and buys valuable items found during missions. However, in the Android version, people are only visible when trying to start a mission. His role in this game is also very important. Want to talk a little about this game? Checkidot. . . .

Download Resident Evil 4 Offline Mod Mobile (apk + data)

 In this game, the player will act as a US government agent named Leon Kennedy. Along with Claire Redfield, Sherry Birkin, Ada Wong and Hank, one of the survivors of the Raccoon City incident in RE2. I love the Resident Evil series so I know a little. Leon from RE4 is assigned to rescue the kidnapped daughter of the US President named Ashley Graham. Remember Ashley's favorite quote, "LEOOOOOOOONHEEEELP, LEOOOON".

 His fate, Leon's fate is not too far from zombies. However, it is not the zombie virus character that is the result of the umbrella experiment, but the more dangerous parasitic zombie character. These types can communicate and work together to defeat threats. Ada Wong's character also participates in this game. Leon's sweet dream is stuck because he is Wesker's messenger and managed to take samples from Last Pragas. This instance then plagued Resident Evil 5's Chris Redfield in his adventures with Sheva Alomar. The enemy of RE5, Yups, is Uroboros, the latest development of Plagas.